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Written by Rob Guerriere   
Sep 24, 2009 at 11:42 AM

Over this past year I have been refining and adjusting the GTBP to find how we can bring the most value and resources to subscribers. Over the last three months, since I last wrote you, I have been attending venture capital meetings, supply chain seminars, technology conferences, and meeting with entrepreneurs, investors, inventors, small growth companies, and academic intellectuals. From the static state of the site, it may have seemed that I spend the summer golfing and hanging out with my neighbor and buddy Asher at the pool. And I did get to enjoy myself, but I was mainly doing research.

The most exciting project has to do with the future of the GTBP.


It is still confidential, but by the end of this year, beginning of 2010, what is in the works will make general business international news. You will see the launch of the new GTBP on CNBC. Yes, it is that big and newsworthy to the general business community.

There is some powerful content on the way. That is all I can say about it today. The contributors and future contributors thank for your feedback and interest in the GTBP. Stay tuned in; you won't be disappointed.

All the best,

Rob Guerriere

Publisher, Global Trade Best Practices Org


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